Top 10 Best Portable TVs in 2017 Review

1. RCA DPTM70R This portable RCA digital TV has an LED backlit LCD display. It can receive free live digital TV channels and existing NTSC analogue channels. Its rechargeable Li-Po battery can last more than 2 hours per charge. 2. VIZIO VMB070 The VMB070 features an LED backlight for brilliant contrast and color. It also has a high resolution 800 × 400 screen. When not used as a TV, you can use the VMB070 as a digital photo frame. It comes with a built-in folding antenna and a crutch. 3. Haier HLT71 The advantage of the HLT71 over other 7-inch portable LCD TV s is that it offers 2.5 hours of viewing thanks to its rechargeable Li-polymer battery. It's time to finish a standard movie. It also has a multilingual OSD - English, French and Spanish - and a detachable antenna. 4. Digital prism This is a 3.5 inch digital pocket LCD TV with built-in tuner that can receive all digital broadcasts. And if you're tired of holding this device, simply attach it to the wrist